Initiatives & Training Institutes

Escola Superior de Educação de Leiria, Portugal

The Escola Superior de Educação de Leira has implemented development education and development cooperation projects,  since 2005. It is a cultural, scientific and technical institution that develops teaching, training and research activities and provides several services to the community.

Ver.di, Vereinte Dienstleistungsgewerkschaft  (United Services Union), Germany

The largest trade union in Germany represents two million people from around 1,000 professions. Ver.di is an active member in the CorA-network and has a strong focus on social procurement.

DGB (trade unions) Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund, Bezirk Berlin Brandenburg 

The DGB Berlin-Brandenburg is active in the FAIRgabe coalition together with other trade unions and NGOs. The FAIRgabe coalition accompanies the reform of the Berlin procurement law.

Christliche Initiative Romero e.V.

CIR has more than 20 years of experience in the field of fair trade (founding member of Transfair 1992) and improvement of working conditions, particularly in the areas of textiles and coffee.

SETEM - Hego Haizea, Spain works extensively with Bilbao and other local authorities interested in issues of ethical procurement.