Public Authorities

City of Badalona, Spain implemented fair trade products in all city council vending machines (coffee and sugar) and is active in raising-awareness on fair trade and ethical public purchasing to citizens.

Province of Barcelona, Spain, promotes and funds NGOs working on Fair Trade, Ethical Banking and Responsible Public Procurement and is an active member of the Catalan Ethical Public Procurement Network.

IT Service Center Berlin (Berlin ITDZ), Germany, is a specialist in public administration with extensive experience with integrating environmental criteria in public tenders.

City of Dortmund, Germany  has started a process of fair procurement and also has a political resolution against exploitive child labour.

City of Helsinki, Finland All procurement actions by the City require suppliers to meet the Core Conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) as part of the overall procurement strategy. Pekka Sauri, Vice-Mayor of the City, is also the current chair of the Procura⁺ Campaign.

City Hall of Maio, Cap Verde, has experience in development cooperation projects concerning the need to take action on the promotion of healthy and safe working conditions, as well as the exclusion of child labour.

City of Munich, Germany  plays a leading role in fair procurement in Germany, and in 2002 became the first municipality to decide not to buy products manufactured with exploitive child labour.

City of Zurich, Switzerland. After widely implementing green public procurement in the authority, socially responsible procurement is also currently being mainstreamed.