Organisers and Partners

The LANDMARK project was an international project supported by the European Union. It was based on the partnership of six European organizations such as cities, NGOs and national and international organizations. The work of Landmark aimed to change the purchasing-behaviour of public facilities in Europe and focused particularly on communal procurement.

The Free Hanseatic City of Bremen is the smallest state in Germany. The two-city-state is located in the north of Germany. Being the national ‘capital of fair trade’ in 2011, Bremen also takes a leading role in sustainable public procurement. Apart from the tendering policy of 2009, which commits public tenderers to respect ecological criteria, the social democratic-green-coalition has also adopted a legislative decree in 2011. It aims to commit public procurers to only purchase goods, such as textiles, nature stones, coffee, flowers or toys, produced within the framework of the ILO-core-conventions. In the context of the LANDMARK project the Senator of Finance, in cooperation with local NGOs such as the Network of Development Politics of Bremen, has organized several workshops for public procurers, tendering firms and other stakeholders in the field of procurement. Furthermore, the public-law institution ‘Immobilien Bremen’ has been established as a central procurement service provider for the public service sector in Bremen.


ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability is:

  • An association of over 1,200 local governments that represents the interests of local authorities within the United Nations and at international policy forums.
  • A movement driving positive change on a global scale through programmes and campaigns on local sustainability.
  • A resource centre offering information, tools, networking, training and consulting services.

ICLEI has been working on sustainable procurement for over 15 years - helping support public authorities in implementation, spreading awareness of the concept, developing new approaches, and encouraging policy developments at the European and international level.

ICLEI is a member of the European Commission’s GPP EU-27 Advisory Group chaired by The European Commission's DG Environment, the  United Nations Marrakech Task Force on Sustainable Public Procurement and is a cofounder and Vice-Chair of the Internal Green Purchasing Network (IGPN).  We are involved in a variety of SPP initiatives and projects, hold events on SPP and co-ordinate networking activities:


The European Fair Cotton Procurement Awards is the first Europe-wide award scheme to recognize excellence in Fairtrade cotton procurement at EU level. It aims to reward those who use best practice in cotton procurement and help improve the livelihoods of smallscale and marginalized cotton farmers in the developing world. Through the procurement of Fairtrade cotton products, contracting authorities make a significant contribution to the UN Millennium Development Goals. In addition, through the procurement of Fairtrade cotton companies are ensuring that maximum efforts are made to ensure ILO core conventions are being respected, including in relation to child labour. 
The award is announced by the Fairtrade Foundation, People and Planet, Platforme pour le Commerce Equitable, Fairtrade Island and the Fair Trade Advocacy office with the support of the European Union.

The Network of Development Politics of Bremen (BeN) is the network of state-level developmental initiatives, associations and groups of Bremen. It serves the joint coordination of internal processes and external representation of interests.

BeN supports the collaboration of its members in means of developmental information activities and public relations. Development politic is not understood in the classical sense of developing the global south but rather aims towards local sustainable development. Among other projects BeN focuses on socially responsible public procurement. Political lobbying work is one of its tasks to develop socially compatible public procurement within the state of Bremen. Together with the Senator of Finance the network has organized workshops for social and eco-friendly procurement.